Places and people

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Last year, I left for a working holiday in Canada. This year, I took a two week working holiday at home. No responsibility, no family, no clients, just me and my ideal work schedule in a town that was basically deserted. Two years ago, it was a week in the mountains during Winter, working and skiing.


These three experiences have allowed me to pinpoint exactly what kind of location independence I want. All of them shared one common schedule: I worked for 3-4 hours in the morning and went to the slopes, the beach or just hanging with friends in the afternoon.

What matters to me when I travel is immersion in the local culture, meeting new people, spending time with them. I love encounters and enjoy being around people, at home and abroad.

Long journeys, what they look like

dsc02036When I imagine myself on a long journey in a foreign place, I think of my dream of being able to leave for three month, twice a year. I haven’t, yet, mostly for money questions (how do I pay rent back home while paying rent away ?) but also organizational ones. As a divorced dad, it’s hard for me to take my son with me (his mother won’t agree to it) and even harder to leave without him (I don’t want that).

When I imagine myself doing this, I imagine renting a home because I hate hotels, and I like the warmness that appears in my heart when I push that door and think “I’m home”.

Balancing work and encounters

As far as my work-life rhythm, I can’t imagine anything different from what I experience day to day. It just would be somewhere else. Working in the morning, going with the flow and working all day if I’m on a good roll, walking in the street, having coffee with strangers and friends in the afternoon

The Alps are one of my favorite places for work vacations
The Alps are one of my favorite places for work holidays

What I love most is to sit at terrasses, taking the local life in, contemplating the world while reading a book or writing in a notebook. I’d also get lost in the streets, wandering and seeing where my feet bring me.  I tend to stay away from touristy places. I might visit a city outside of the hot season, just to get a different feel of the place.

For me, independence is less about travelling as it is about being the master of my time and being able to spend the afternoon chatting with someone I just met and not worry about the time that passes. And I love to do that everywhere.

My next planned long vacation ?

I’d like that to be three weeks in Singapour or Honk Kong, next summer. I have the time. I just need to find the money.