My super powers

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

Today, I have been giving some thoughts to what my super powers are.

I know writing is one. I am good and fast at it. I love doing it. And I don’t mean kind of love but LOVE! This one is too obvious, though.

Listening and connecting with the emotional truth of stories

In order to write good stories, I need to be able to collect them. My best superpower for this is listening. I am a great listener in that I know what questions to ask to get to the heart of the story and see its different angles. This power is useful in realizing my vision because my writing comes from the emotional truth of people. It is also what I want to offer to my readers: the ability to connect with their emotional realities and open up to others.

Welcoming discomfort

The other superpower that I believe to be super useful in my quest for freedom is my ability to face discomfort. It is a fairly new super power, one that I’ve explored in the last year and that I’ve become more and more able to use. Showing your work, being your most authentic self in your art, is uncomfortable. A lot of my friends quit their freedom dream because they feel like they don’t make enough money, or they don’t know how to push themselves through the beginner’s phase, which is when you must be okay with looking like a fool because you’re just figuring things out and making every mistake in the book.

I am not fine with the beginner’s phase or the judgement calls, the unsolicited advice and the exposure of my truest being. But I am fine not being fine. Discomfort is part of the process. It might not be pleasant but it is a necessity. And being able to welcome it is a Superpower, especially since I hate rejection.

Being perseverant

I never give up. It might take me ten years to reach my goal and I might take a thousand side roads, but I’ll get there. When you’ve set your course in the margins of the norm, perseverance and resilience are two powerful superpowers to have since without them, giving up would become too easy.

With these three superpowers, I am armed and ready to get going, climb the mountains and succeed at living life on all my terms, making no concessions and taking no prisoners!