My ideal day

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

My ideal schedule

7:30 am. I get up with no alarm. My son is waking up on his own while I prepare his breakfast. We chat about life, our day to come, enjoying each other’s company.

9 am. I’ve dropped him to school and am pouring coffee in my mug. The smell of freshly ground grains excites my neurons. I’m already thinking about the text i’m working on that day.

1 pm. I stir. I’ve spent the last four hours in hyper focused mode, exploring the story and writing it. Time to fix myself a healthy salad and take a break.

2 pm. It’s time for the unplanned. Maybe I see friends, or I nap, read, watch a movie, walk around the city, play a video game, see my coach, train in sports… whatever activity i’m pursuing or whatever mood i’m in, i’ll follow.

4 pm. I’m in front of the school, waiting for my son to come out. We have two hours for ourselves. Reading or playing together, chatting, or doing our own stuff, it doesn’t matter but it starts with a nice snack.

6 pm. Back to work. I blog, check emails, write some more, deal with administrative duties…

8 pm. I cook and we eat.

8:30 pm. Time for our good night ritual.

9:30 pm. I write some more, get online with my coaching clients, or just enjoy a relaxed night if I have no pressing deadline that day.

1 am. Time to sleep.

The ideal day, it’s not just about activities

More than the specifics, i’m interested in depicting my strategies for an ideal day. Sure, the details of places and activities are important for visualization but I believe mood and mindset matter equally. What makes a perfect day is my awareness that something exceptional is happening: I’m alive, the master of my time, the sole permission giver. I think about all the people trapped under a boss, forced to ask permission when they want a day off, feeling abused when they work extra hours.

In my perfect day, I remember how grateful I am to my older self to have created this life for me. I enjoy every minute even when I struggle, because I wish to live no other life.

When the unexpected threatens the ideal

I deal with the unexpected with my coaching tools, welcoming every emotion and then asking myself what is the best way to deal with every situation, good or bad. In my perfect day, my circumstances don’t  affect my mood or my determination, they’re data that needs to be dealt with, feedback that requires to be processed. Even the most annoying road block can’t affect my faith in the project.

In my perfect day, I am the best listener, caring of others and of myself, efficient in work and relationships, loving and I bring solution to conflicts instead of stirring the fire. Oh, and I am free of approach anxiety and outcome dependency!