I, the explorer

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

I’ve always felt as an explorer. Always been sad that all of Earth had been found. Never interested enough to become an astronaut. Instead, I explore perceptions, frames of reality, ideas, relationships.

It is my duty to share my discoveries with the rest of humanity. What other life models are possible. What different moral systems exist. How techniques like NLP, hypnosis or even simple philosophy open our minds to different understandings of what it means to live together, to be, to define ourselves.

Bringing back my discoveries

As a coach, I use these techniques to help clients look at their breakups or their relationships differently. To heal by opening up to different versions of their reality.

As a writer, I transform into stories the discoveries I make. Through the emotions carried by words, I create meaning disguised as entertainment.

Gathering experiences, sensations, concepts, I need both time and space to study and experiment. Both the flexibility to follow the trail of an encounter and the emotional availability to receive the surprises carried by life. I need to have enough time for ideas and experiences to pollinate each other and give birth to new ones. The worship of immediacy we live in doesn’t work well with the birth of deeply researched work. Freedom is the tool I use to tear myself away from that cult.

I am multiple

My rhythm is not linear. I alternate between phases of deep immersion in writing, where I work 12-15 hours a day, bashing words on my keyboard, producing at high speed.

I can only achieve these frenzied stages if I have spent time buzzing around, flying from flower of meaning to flower of meaning, getting lost in confusion and stumbling my way out of it.

I never know when an idea will be ripe, when it will hit me with all its strength and pull me into the woops-a-week-went-by-and-I-didn’t-notice stage of my life.

Freedom is a necessity. Without it, I can’t be the explorer I am meant to be. I can’t gather the material I then use to craft stories and bring healing.

Without freedom, I can’t do my true work.