Cutting loose of limitations

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

Pff, this is so not for me!

“I’m not a procrastinator. When I want to do something, I get it done. I am past this hurdle”

That was my first reaction to Natalie’s question, today. Then I thought: “Come on, there must be something, don’t be so self-righteous!”

I realize that this is my first reaction when I’m facing something challenging: “ah, I’m not like that, this doesn’t concern me” and, upon more cautious study, I see how there is something – there usually is.

I was probing my mind and coming back with nothing: “nah, I write everyday and don’t suffer from perfectionism on that” ; “nah, I publish as soon as a story is ready and I’m not a perfectionist on this” ; two days ago, I sent an invite for a webinar of which I still don’t know the topic, so I’m certainly not a stranger to “jumping before you’re ready” or “an imperfect action is better than no action” thought process and practical philosophy.


Several hours and a few encounters later, I realized, as I was preparing my son’s snack, that there was one spot on which fear of failure and success was preventing me from acting. I have a thousand good excuses not to do it, several of which are a version of : “I’ll do it when I’m ready” and that is marketing.

Whether it is marketing my school or my coaching, or – even worse – my fiction, I always have something better to do than market. I used to tell myself: “once I have something to market, I’ll do it” but I have several things that are good and that are ready to get shown to the world.

I hate rejection. Exposure to more people (which marketing is) means more rejection which might be why I’m not trying harder.

Action time

So here’s the thing I will do. I have already begun posting on my Facebook page more. Now it might be time to do it on my profile as well, but mostly, I will identify literary bloggers and contact one a day, showing my work, pitching my short stories, and asking for help in spreading my work.

Contacting one blogger a day for 30 days will definitely have an impact. I have no idea what impact and I don’t really care right now. Life is all about learning and exposing yourself to new experiences. I’m learning to free myself from outcome dependency (a term I first heard on a *ahem* seduction advice video), so this will be a triple benefit exercise:

  1. I’ll learn to detach myself more from my fear of outcomes
  2. I’ll train in showing my work and asking for help
  3. I might expand exposure to my work

It might also push me to write more and faster as I develop a bigger audience.

In short: never stop at your first impression that you might or might not need an exercise. And always go for the most uncomfortable action in your list of undone actions.