This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8

Yes, seriously, I dared use this bad bad portemanteau word (but is there any portemanteau that’s not ugly ?) to qualify my day’s highlight.

Parts of why I want more freedom is to be able to bring my son on new adventures, to confront him to new experiences, preferably ones I’m not familiar with, either.


Last year, I joined a stage fencing club. I wanted to give more attention to my body by starting doing sports again. I don’t like the competitive aspect of traditional sports so I was thrilled to find an activity that was both physical and creative, that mixed storytelling with swords.

Father-son time

img_20160917_195909Several time a year, the club does shows, usually in castles or renaissance fairs. Tonight, there was one. So tonight, it was adventure time at the castle with my 6 year old. Dressed as a musketeer, he learned a few sword moves, helped a knight dress up in his armor and was impressed by a fire show with inflamed swords, whips and other accessories. There was even a horse.

To top it up, he got to stay up until midnight!

For the dad in me, this was an excellent bonding experience.

But not only

img_20160917_195643_editFor the man, it was an adventure in itself. As I stated in earlier posts,
asking for help gives me a hard time. Since I don’t drive, I had to ask to be driven. As a former introvert, it is still uncomfortable for me to hang with people. One of my current areas of self development is about making new friends and learning to be around people more.

So there it is, my adventurous day was about showing something new to my son and forcing myself to be around people.