Ready to set sail, the end of 10 days

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

Here we are, wrapping up that challenge.

When I started, I did it because I thought “why the hell not?” I didn’t expect anything from it, in accord with my fight against outcome dependency.
These ten days have taught me a lot even though I am a somewhat experienced blogger and a lot of the teachings were closer to reminders than real discoveries.
This is what I liked most in this challenge: I didn’t expect anything but I got a LOT out of it.
The day I preferred was Day 6, that got me thinking about procrastination. “I don’t do that anymore” was my first idea and it is true, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my putting things to tomorrow. Being part of the challenge forced me to give it serious thought an uncover some deep strife on the way to my ideal life: my resistance to sharing my work widely.
From this follows my next step, which will be to reach out to blogs and communities where my work can be seen and change lives by helping people live better relationships, communicate better with others and themselves, love more, be more welcoming of their emotions and create more.
My takeaways ? There’s always more than it seems. Our initial response to challenging questions can be defensive, because changing our life is hard, it’s demanding and we don’t like efforts. Pushing beyond that first reaction, I found out over and over throughout the challenge, brings powerful insights that can be accelerators for our transformation.
I’m still on the fence regarding my blogging habit. Would blogging everyday distract me from the deep work I need to be doing or would it help in making it more efficient, more pinpointed, and clearer ?
I will probably try this: write 200 words a day for a month on a question related to creativity, relationships, communication, dealing with doubts, art and emotions.
Will I do it here, in English, or go back to blogging on my current French platform ? This is another question I’ll need to find the answer to.
The ride was fun, and this is only the beginning.