My 3 challenges

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1 :

My ideal lifestyle is pretty much writing fiction all day, taking two three-week long retreats a year somewhere in the world and earn my whole living thanks to fiction. Natalie asked me to think about the 2-3 biggest challenges that prevent me from doing it (time and money excluded).

1. I hate rejection

It’s not that I fear it. I know some people will not resonate with what I write. I know some will hate it and feel offended by it. It’s already happened and I hate that feeling. As Seth Godin says it, for some reason we give less weight to ten good critics as we do to one bad.
The emotion that comes with rejection (that pinch in the heart, that swirling brain) is on my top-5 list of most painful emotions. Because I anticipate it and I hate it, I tend to delay writing and publishing my work.

2. Promoting

“Fiction is too fickle to follow as a lucrative career path”, one of my marketing mentors once told me. Although I don’t agree with this affirmation (or at least, don’t agree with the shortcut that a non-lucrative = bad career path), it is true that fiction is a nightmare to promote.

Figuring out how to profitably advertise my stories is still a big challenge. As a no-name-yet self-published writer, I still have to crack the code for bringing enough readers to my books to create a sustainable business.

3. How to be authentic ?

I’m a big advocate of the idea that true writing has to be authentic, or it lacks strength. Writing, living, loving, all are about authenticity. I believe authenticity comes with a form of daring. Daring to be yourself, daring to experiment new things.

How do I know I’m being authentic enough ? Figuring out the answer to this question often takes time away from my publishing goals as I ponder over whether to write this or that story. Natalie’s post on “tackling the right challenges” resonates highly with this question.

As an author, I want to tackle this authenticity problem. As a writer, I want to get as many stories out there that I can. How do I reconcile both sides ?

Thank you for reading

I’m a writer and a coach. I welcome you on this blog about emotions, relationships, and vocations. In the next 10 days, I will be exploring my authenticiy, my big vision for freedom. I hope you’ll hop in and share your thoughts !