What is the Naked Samurai ?

The artist advances in front of the world like a naked samurai. Her essence exposed to the world, her fragility on page, canvas, the discussion, or wherever her art might be expressed. The artist is any individual who decides to create her life, to pursue her authenticity and the accuracy of her voice wherever it hides, to coax it and put on her skin every moment.

Like a samurai, she is an expert on the blade, be it feather or brush, breath or score, and she uses her expertise to defend herself against the aggressions, to allow her authenticity to become her greatest strength and her vulnerability at the same time, alloying into a stronger voice.

I accompany authors (of books, lives, worlds) and artists in their quest to tame their authenticity, to advance in their vulnerability with confidence and stability. Learning how to welcome the state of not knowing necessary to create, how to be comfortable being uncertain and offering their truth to the world.

I guide you to the fundamentals of the naked samurai, so that this posture becomes yours, here, now, and for the rest of your life. Because by walking in your vulnerability you will discover inner resources you had forgotten about, and discover how to be in the life you have chosen.

The samurai represents mastery and discipline, an archetype of dedication and craftsmanship.
The nakedness represents exposure, vulnerability and authenticity.
Only when we operate from both these places can we reach our best potential.